How to become a Japanese Pop Star. 



Her name was Riley, and she was the first to die.


Astrid and Stormfly: Then and Now

Anonymous said: sometimes people aren't looking for criticism, only for someone to talk about the topic and/or agree with them


The only posts I’ve seen spammed on my dash are the ones that are being ridiculous about it.

Every single post I’ve seen is nothing but ‘lol Disney sux lmao’ without any actual breakdown (the closest good post I’ve seen is the comparison to Dreamworks movies)

Don’t like it? Dont watch it.

Encourage your family members not to watch Disney stuff.

My little cousin (6 years) is all about princesses and stuff but she said she preferred HTTYD2 to Frozen and she much prefers the old Disney stuff she really loves Ariel (probably because she lives across the street from the nearest beach lol) (I’m gonna show her Atlantis next time she comes over)

I am all about talking about Disney’s faults but I think their problem is much deeper than the fact that their main female leads all look the same.

I mean

We could talk about how their stories are have more potholes than a side road in summer.

We could talk about how the faces are all actually fairly similar to Ariel’s and maybe they’re stuck in this weird Glen Keane phase or something.

I just wish the complaints had more depth yo



HD Character Art from Hyrule Warriors

i couldn’t find these on the site where the heck are they hiding???



Just like Pewds and Cry :D~

photos from Taiwan: 喜德、阿法

Cry CN:凜

This is awesome… wait why am I wearing high heels? :P


umbrage got a makeoveeerrrrrr